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January 20, 2018, 12:00 AM

Mixtec Indian Construction Trip to Montgomery January 20, 2018

 On January 20, 2018, our Association sent a team back to Montgomery to continue our assistance to the Mixtc Indians who live there. This is part of our continuing effort to help reach this indigenous Indian people from Mexico with the Gospel. The participants were: Don Giles, Brent Manasco, Billy Douglas, Ervin Mooney, Chris and Tammy Childers, Jamie Simms, Elyssa Sims, and Terry Long. This is the fellowship hall of the education building of Highland Gardens Baptist Church in Montgomery, who are working with the Mixtecs.  They have donated this unused building for the Mixtec church to meet in.  We painted the entire fellowship hall, replaced several toilets and installed two sinks with cabinets.  We rebuilt their entrance complete with door and hardware.  It was a great experience, with one man from the community being led to Christ while we were working.  This room is where the Mixtecs will worship. 

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